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“…highly responsive, thoughtful, and insightful.” — Jackie Lustig Director of Communications, Bytex

Fill your event with the most qualified prospects possible.

TCC Marketing gives you the advantage of years of experience and successful recruitment for hundreds of seminars and webinars. Quickly and effectively, we’ll help you identify, recruit, and confirm the attendance of your target audience.

Proactive Seminar Recruitment

TCCs Seminar Support Services Staff works with you to build a proactive recruiting strategy that works. Our proactive seminar recruitment services include

  • Identification of highly qualified prospects.
  • Telemarketing follow-up to your email and/or direct mail invitations.
  • Establishment of your inbound 800 voice line.
  • Direct registrations through your website

Rock-Solid Support and Administration

TCC Marketing’s rock-solid support and administration solidifies the relationship established during the recruitment process. We make it easy for your prospects to say “yes.” Our support and administration services include

  • Email confirmation of registration, including seminar dates, times, and directions to the location.
  • Personalized confirmation calls to each registrant prior to event date.
  • Rapidtrack online reporting of registration and recruitment data.
  • Preparation of complete attendee lists and identification badges.
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